By Sabrine Elkhodr - 30th Aug 2021 - The Medmastery show

6 hilarious doctor blogs you’ve probably never heard of

funny doctor blogs laugh medical jokes

Type in blogs for doctors on Google and I’ll bet you $50 and an N95 mask that every list will be exactly the same. 

But not this list. No. At Medmastery, we like to keep our funny bones flexing so we’ve scoured the obscure corners of search engine land to bring these comedic kings and queens to your screen. These funny doctors are raw, real, and will leave you in stitches (which you’ll have to sew up yourself). They share funny doctor jokes and quotes, hilarious doctors notes that should all be in a museum somewhere, and funny medical gift ideas that’ll leave you counting down to your colleague’s next birthday.  A few blogs are only active intermittently but there are so many golden posts between them, you’ll be entertained for years.


  1. GomerBlog

Working in medicine is stressful. With burnout in medicine at an all-time high, you need a way to kill burnout before it chooses you as its next target. And there’s a pretty simple way to do it—laugh at yourself. The GomerBlog is a satirical medical news website run by a bunch of standup comedians who somehow landed in healthcare. Their aim is to get you through your day and give you a chance to laugh at the ridiculousness that medicine throws your way. They roast all medical specialties equally and if you’re a little uptight, may not be your cup of tea. Otherwise, it’ll give you the tickle you know you need right now.


  1. Doctor Grumpy

When I think of Dr Grumpy, I imagine a doc patiently counting down the hours to retirement and writing a blog to keep himself sane till he gets there.

And the blog definitely delivers. Known for his repartee, Dr Grumpy takes us along on his hilarious journey through doctor life in a comic like way. His entries are short and to the point, and usually detail some exchange he’s had with someone who deserves to be on the butt end of the joke. A must read.


  1. Ah yes, medical school

This blog is more like an archive of life in medical school (it hasn’t been updated since 2009…) but if you’re open to bingeing on woe-is-me medical school stories (with a hint of delicious wit folded through), then this blog will keep you entertained for ages. Whether you’re currently in medical school (or you have a masochistic urge to relive your time there), you’re guaranteed a few belly laughs here.


  1. The Underwear Drawer

Dr Michelle Au is the anesthesiologist responsible for the best-selling book This Won’t Hurt A Bit (and other white lies) and her blog is basically a series of comics making fun of her life as a doctor. I won’t even bother trying to explain how funny her comics can get. I’ll just drop one of them below and let you wander over there yourself.


  1. Dr. Cranquis' Mumbled Gripes

Dr Cranquis works in an urgent care clinic and sees lots of stupid / funny things people do to their health. He gets through it by mumbling under his breath and then posting it to his blog so you can laugh incredulously along with him. It’s not all fun and games though. As you’ll still find in most funny doctor blogs, there are some serious posts too but in general, it’s a good blog to scroll through if you need a deep belly laugh.


  1. A cartoon guide to becoming a doctor

Another cartoon creator on the list, Dr McFizz apparently provides lessons on the medical training process from somebody with absolutely no artistic talent. She creates comics but also offers funny takes on her life as a midwestern physician. If you see nothing else, her first year medical school quiz is a not-to-miss. Though she’s taken a hiatus since 2020 (citing COVID stress as the reason), she’s got several years worth of archives to keep you giggling for a while.


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