By Franz Wiesbauer, MD, MPH - 17th Sep 2018 - The Medmastery show

16 cardiologists you need to follow on Twitter

We know our Medmastery peeps love everything cardiology so we trawled through the big world of Twitter to bring you this A-class list of cardiologists you need to follow today.


James Rudd MD | @jhfrudd

Cardiologist and scientist in Cambridge. Associate Editor and podcast host at the BMJ journal ‘Heart’. Tech-lover. Past BSA Media Fellow at The Guardian.

Why you should follow: What do you get when you mix cardiology, podcasts, tech, and a high brow newspaper? James Rudd MD, of course. He's a podcast host at the BMJ, has written for the Guardian and has a British accent to boot.


Christopher Cannon | @cpcannon

Cardiologist, Brigham and Women's Hosp, Harvard Med School, Baim Institute

Why you should follow: Cannon is an editor with the American College of Cardiology so you can be sure that his tweets will be insightful and teach you something you probably didn't know before.


David Lee Scher, MD | @dlschermd

Empathetic #Cardiologist @lghealth, #digitalhealth pioneer & consultant, @nqmedical, #pinksocks, #hcldr, badass sax player.

Why you should follow: Scher is a digital health expert and tweeter extraordinaire. The combination manifests itself in a wonderfully eclectic Twitter feed that is guaranteed to keep you enthralled.


James Beckerman, MD | @jamesbeckerman

FamilyFirst/Cardiologist/Coach/Heart Screener/Cardiyogi/@TimbersFC doc/ #ChainsawCarving #BojiBearCarvings #HealItForward.

Beckerman is no stranger to the dazzling lights of stardom, with regular spots on the Today Show, Dr Oz, and Huffington post. He also combines his heart-smart attitude with good nutrition to teach patients how to design their own weight loss plan in his popular book, The Flex Diet.


Edward J Schloss MD | @EJSMD

Division Chief, Cardiac Electrophysiology, The Christ Hospital.

Why you should follow: Schloss is director of cardiac electrophysiology at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, is super personable, and always manages to find something fascinating to post.


John Mandrola MD | @drjohnm

Heart rhythm doc, writer for @Medscape, learner, cyclist, co-author of The Haywire Heart, married to an #HPM doctor. The more you see, the harder medicine gets.

Why you should follow: Dr. Mandrola is the chief cardiology correspondent for Medscape, prolific writer, and records a weekly podcast about all the latest cardiology stories (and tweets about them too!)


Eva von Schmilowski MD |  @CCardiologist

Cardiologist @uclh, founder of a nonprofit The Silver-lined Heart, and, powered by nature.

Why you should follow: Dr. von Schmilowski is a powerhouse with a heart of gold (or silver, rather). She’s a nonprofit founder who’s combined her cardiology work with her passion for helping others.


Aseem Malhotra MD | @DrAseemMalhotra

Cardiologist, writer, researcher, campaigner. On a mission to save lives; a million at a time.

Why you should follow: Dr. Malhotra is an avid low-carb diet advocate and is leading a push in the UK to make sugar reduction a health priority in the UK. He’s an avowed foodie and is working at the intersection between cardiology and diet.


Lisa Rosenbaum MD | @LisaRosenbaum17

National Correspondent, New England Journal of Medicine, cardiologist, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston MA.

Why you should follow: Dr. Rosenbaum has a unique way of tackling complicated issues in a way that resonates with a skeptical audience. Her Twitter feed is replete with thought-provoking questions, perspectives, and links that will keep you happily occupied.


Andrew Mitchell MD | @mitcharj

Cardiologist, author, innovator in #DigitalHealth, #JerseyCI, #F1, #AI, #VR, #Biometrics

Why you should follow: Dr. Mitchell is a doctorpreneur who also happens to be a prolific publisher, international speaker, and digital health ambassador. His company, SoulGenic, is a content media company working in the health and fitness sector aiming to transform the way that people exercise—at home, at work, and away.


Jennifer Haythe MD | @DrJennHaythe

CHF / TXPLT cardiologist, women and heart disease, #Cardioobstetrics, @columbiamed, @nyphospital, Mom, wife, New Yorker, runner.

Why you should follow: Dr. Haythe is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Columbia University and the Co-Director of the Women’s Center for Cardiovascular Health. Her special interest is in the care of pregnant women with cardiovascular disease and often shares fascinating insights around this space.


Rohin Francis MD | @MedCrisis

Cambridge-trained cardiologist doing a PhD @UCL. Science and medical educator that makes YouTubes, graphics, and bad jokes. #SciComm dilettante.

Why you should follow: Dr. Francis is a cardiologist with a crackling sense of humor. His Twitter feed is guaranteed to tickle the toughest of you and give you just the right dose of medically-inspired humor to get you through each day.


Eric Topol MD | @EricTopol

Cardiologist, researcher, @Medscape, author—The Patient Will See You Now #PWSYN.

Why you should follow: He’s a total ninja that’s why! Aside from being the Chief Academic Officer of Scripps Health, Director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute and Editor-in-Chief of Medscape and, Dr Topol is also the Gary and Mary West Chair of Innovative Medicine, and co-founder of the West Wireless Health Institute (and that’s just some of the things he’s involved in). Dr. Topol has a deep interest in genomics and AI and manages to find some really interesting articles that are sure to keep your mind ticking along. We were lucky enough to interview him too!


Andrew R. HoughtonMD | @arh_cardio

Cardiologist and medical writer, with an interest in medical education. Faculty member at Medmastery and author of, Making Sense, a series of cardiology books.

Why you should follow: Dr. Houghton has taught three of our courses and continues his love for teaching on Twitter, sharing his thoughts along with fascinating journal articles and guidance papers relevant to those with a leaning towards cardiology. Both he and Dr. Topol also made an appearance in our roundup of Twitter docs you should follow.


Farris Timimi MD | @FarrisTimimi

Medical Director, @MayoClinic Social Media Network; passion—fatherhood / wife / patient engagement; heart failure / transplant cardiologist; Tweets Mine-not Mayo's.

Why you should follow: Dr. Timimi is the medical director at the Mayo Clinic. That’s reason enough, right?


John Ryan MD | @JJRyanMD

Husband, father, doctor and Irishman. I run a Pulmonary Hypertension Program @UofUHealth. I also just run. Editor @CircOutcomes and @CircHF.

Why you should follow: Dr. Ryan writes, he runs a kickass program at the University of Utah and his Twitter feed is fun to follow.


John A Rumberger MD | @DrRumberger

Director Cardiovascular Imaging: Princeton Longevity Center. Former Professor of Medicine Dept. of Cardiology @Mayo Clinic, PHD, MD, FACC, FSCCT

Why you should follow: Aside from teaching our ever popular Cardiac CT Mastery Workshop, Dr Rumberger’s Twitter is an endless feed of valuable cardiac CT nuggets and should probably constitute a course in itself!



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